Visual Pinball

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This tutorial page doesn't contain all there is to know about Visual Pinball.
It is complete enough to help you on your way creating your own tables.
There are some things I myself had trouble with in the beginning.
Here you will find explanations about the code and/or how to do certain things.
There are no sounds/graphics or other usable files on these pages !
When you want to learn to program tables in VP, check multiple tutorials and find
the one that makes sence to you.

Helpfull Tips & User Interface (Key-Code)
(general building tips, key-code, error handling)

Pinball Code Explanations & Examples
(dim, sub-routines, If/Then/Else, calculating, commands, examples)

Code Examples & Explanations
(the code to make certain things happen along with a short explanation)

Objects used in Visual Pinball
(table, wall/target, gate, ramp, flipper, plunger, bumper, spinner, timer
trigger, light, kicker, decal, textbox, EMReel, light sequence)

Visual Pinball is a small free-ware program to create pinball-tables.
(and whatever more you can come up with)

Official Visual Pinball Forum + Download (