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The Story
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                        Music is my hobby and has been for as long as I can remember. In my own music, I try to be as original as I can be. No using drumloops or music from existing songs, each note put in by hand. There are those who claim this is what gives me my personal style. This can be, but I just create music I like. Some of my favorite house producers are: Jeff Mills, Dave Clark, Aphex Twin, Luke Slater, Autechre, Joey Beltram, Underworld. Though I am influenced by them, I do not try to copy them. I like to use long, flowing strings-like sounds a lot. And I love the 303-sound, but when I use it in one of my songs, I mostly end up switching it for another sound. The songs vary from flowing ambient-like tracks to pumping baselines with massive melodies and/or flowing strings. No mather what song it is, technology always plays a major part, hence the name Techno Witch. That name also has a certain dark gloom about it, wich sort of reflects my other main interest in music, Metal. To name a few bands: Dark Funeral, Cradle of Filth, Samael, Slayer, etc...

From the beginning to present day...

People who have known me for a long time, will most surely remember all the things I made them listen. It started with 2 tape decks and the good old audio cassettes. Creating what seemed to be a "mix", just by pressing the record button at the right time. And then from heaven descended the computer. It wouldn't take long to discover ScreamTracker. Finaly the real creation of ones own songs within my grasp. A lot of my spare time was spent behind the computerscreen. Afterwards came FastTracker. This realy got me hooked. It didn't take long for the first hardware to arrive at the scene, a Roland MC303. My still cherished Yamaha CS2x followed soon after. This called for a different program, better suited for use with midi. A cleaned-out trial version of CakeWalk worked good enough to create some interesting things, but I wanted more. As student, I couldn't pay the price asked in store for any decent program, so I bought a second-hand copy of Logic Audio. Happy happy joy joy, at least, after the pain of configuring the program. More hardware kept finding it's way into my home. And friends stopped complaining when I wanted them to listen to a song. A few years back, I bought a new computer, along with a copy of Cubase. This is the program I still use today.

The year 2010 is a very important year for me.
I've made some new friends, who are well known with the music scene. They gave me some important tips that helped me very much. When I heared my old songs on my newly bought first set of monitor speakers, I couldn't believe how bad the sound was. The music wasn't the problem, but the final mixing was. This caused a great improvement in sound quality. The new and improved sound has led to me performing live. I will do my best to regularly post a new track wich can be freely downloaded.

The year 2011 has been a year of live performances. A steep learning curve of what to expect and how to prepare for a performance and the surprises that come with it. Creating new and better songs for each gig, using the feedback from the audiance.

The year 2012: this year, a lot of time was spent learning how to improve the sound-quality. I started using other programs besides CuBase, like Sonar, Traktor, Ableton Live. And with Traktor came the option to start as Dj for wich Minimal is my favorite style. The live-perforamances of 2012 are done with Traktor, but this isn't exactly what I was looking for. I've checked out Ableton Live and it gave me the flexibility that I was looking for. The work has started on a new live-set using Ableton Live.
Now working together with (as a part of) Transistor Behavior, using the old hardware like the 303 & 909 with their companions. This combined with more modern techniques, gives a fresh but familiar acid sound.

The year 2013 is the year of acid house. We've spent a lot of time experimenting with all sorts of techniques to create this lovely 303 acid music. I extended my personal collection with analog and modular hardware, giving me a new view on the world of synths. With the right modular components and some home-build modules, some awesome acid machines came to life. All live gigs are as Transistor Behavior, together with my friend Taeke. We are the live-act, he is Transistor Behavior. A humongous improvement in music with each gig and radio performance, learning the ins and outs of the hardware. Now, using modular and analog machines combined with modern day technology, a live-set has been put together to create a unique but familiar old style acid sound. I'm realy looking forward to comming gig in the UK. It will most likely be the first time the new songs / sound can be heared by public. It sounds a bit fuzzy, but it still amazes me that we create this great music.

Music for the people, by the people:

There are enough artisits out there who are sharing their creative outbursts
for free, because in the end, being heard is all that matters.
When music no longer is bound by commercial restrictments, only the
boundry set by the imagination of the artist is there.
This leads to all sorts of interesting ideas and innovative techniques
to reach the final goal of creating a song.
A lot of great music is out there, all waiting to be found.