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Other Stuff

This part contains all items not related to music.
Just some things I've made for friends over the years that you might enjoy also.
There is no technical support in any way. Items are provided "As Is".
The same disclaimer goes for all items: Downloading and using is at ones own risk.

TW-Khalem Campaign for StarCraft

A complete campaign for the original StarCraft (nr.1).
A variety of maps with different types of missions, all in 1 campaign.
It's made for the more advanced player.
You play Humans. (You will have to keep an eye on your defences)
Somehow, the "load next map"-command in the script seems to fail at random.
All maps are numbered. You may have to manually load the next map.

Visual Pinball Tutorial

A tutorial for visual pinball.
Not step-by-step, everything is explained with loads of examples of code/script.
Made for people new to VP, but there may be usefull tips for advanced programmers.